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3 Cobra Swords Set

Overall Length: 42'' - 35'' - 24''
Blade Thickness: 7/32''
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The Katana set features 3 richly ornamental swords. All three Japanese swords possess a Cobra head molded as a pommel. The structure is so detailed that it???ll prove worthy for keeping at home as a showpiece. The blades of these Katanas are not sharp and have an attractive wave Hamon. The hilts are cloth wrapped and will provide comfortable grip. If you are a big Japanese swords fan then this swords set is a must have for you. You may buy the same Cobra sword set in bulk if you want to get exceptional discounts. Features: High Quality stainless steel blades with wave like Hamon All 3 swords are false edged Cobra heads molded hilts White cotton wrapped handles 3 black gloss finish scabbards for each sword Elegant designs and metal attachments on each scabbard