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Bleach Anime Aizen Sword

Total Length 41.25"
Blade 28"
Handel 13.25"
Weight: 3.5KG
FREE Scabbard

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This is the legendary sword of Aizen, a strong antagonist appeared in the Bleach series. The Aizen Zanpakuto or Kyoka Suigetsu is famous for casting hypnotisms on its prey. The shape of this Bleach Sword is so elegant and pure. Having a velvet red scabbard and hilt along the brass guard and pommel, this sword is the right thing for home decoration. Its lightweight enables the user to swing it easily in the air. This Aizen Sword has a polluted reputation among other Bleach Swords. You may take this cursed Zanpakuto to your home and add in your replica swords collection. Features: Handle wrap with real red leather Blade is made of high quality stainless steel Elegant design including a tie on the scabbard Each detail is copied from the original

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