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Bleach Bankai Cutting Moon Wooden Sword

Total Length 40.5"
Blade 31"
Handel 9.5"
Weight: 3KG

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A cool edition of Ichigo Bankai that is considered as one of the most famous Anime Sword ever introduced. The Tensa Zangetsu replica contains solid wood construction handle with a broken chain at its back that was present on the real one. The Ichigo Sword has an elegant black finish over the blade featuring a charming guard and red hilt with black cord wrapped. This replica sword (ichigo Zanpakuto) is the Ichigo Bankai that he attained after passing many trails. Now, serious Anime Swords collectors get a chance to buy it at affordable price. Features: Solid Black Wood Construction Black Chain at Hilt It carries a look just like the real Tensa Zangetsu sword Elegant cross guard and black stainless steel blade Lightweight replica sword great for ornamental use

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