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Icingdeath and Twinkle Scimitar Drizzt DoUrden Sword

Total length: 38???
Blade: 30???
Handle: 8???
Weight: 4.5KG
FREE Leather Sheath

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The incredibly detailed dungeons and dragons swords are finally here. Both Drizzt swords have a stainless steel blade with fuller and ancient carvings on it. The Drizzt scimitars have heavy metal guards and grips with rivets. The red and blue gems can also be found mounted on the pommel and guard. One can buy the swords of Drizzt for ornamental purpose. We also provide two free leather sheaths with these Drizzt swords. Features: Stainless steel blades (highly polished) Ancient carvings on the blade Fuller present on the blades Heavy metal guard with gems Comfortable hilt with chrome plating rivets 2 Leather sheaths

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