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Raphael Teenage Mutant - Ninja Turtle Sais

Overall Size: 21"
Blade Length: 16"
Handle Length: 5"
Handles wrapped with Black
Sold in Pairs

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Feel the real taste of Raphael Sais right before your eyes. The twin sai features elegant stainless steel prongs that are not sharp. We???ve made this Raphael weapon for the real tmnt fans. The tmnt sai set contains heavy metal construction. The black cloth is wrapped around the handle for offering a comfortable grip. You can swing these Raphael sais in air just like the Raph. Hit hard with these two Raphael sai (Raphael weapons) and make your day. We also have many other cartoon swords. Be sure to check them. Features: Two stainless steel Sais Sold in pair Non-sharp prongs Heavy metal pommel Black cloth wrapped handles

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