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Roronoa Zolo Wado Ichimonji Anime Sword

Overall Length: 39.5"
Handle Length: 13.5"
Blade Length 25.5"
Weight: 3.5KG

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The One piece sword is right here with all its tales. Zoro used this Katana sword in all of his battle along with his two other blades. This Zoro Sword also known as Wado Ichimonji Katana is much famous than other Anime Swords. Its guard is round shaped carrying an antique brass finish. The white hilt is wrapped with maroon nylon cord. Stainless steel blade features dual tone finish including black over silver. There???s no chance one can find a splendid Wado ichimonji replica like this. We are offering a scabbard that has elegance of its own. The sheath features brass metal fittings on top and bottom along with the magnificent white finish. Features: Two tone construction (black and silver blade) White Gloss Finish scabbard made of hardwood Ray Skin handle wrapped with maroon nylon cord Elegant and rigid sword Feels just like the real one

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