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Sword Of Connor MacLeod - The Highlander

Total length: 46???
Blade: 35???
Handle: 11???
Weight: 5KG
FREE Leather Sheath!

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The well manufactured connor sword is now available at Cheap Replica Blades. The Macleod sword is the excellent proof of our craftsmanship. This highlander sword features a stainless steel blade with mirror polish finish. Its full metal cross guard contains charming engravings just like the real one. The elegant highlander sword has a magnificent hilt with wire wrapped. Its pommel is like a crown of a King. We assure our beloved customers that this movie sword is worth buying. It???ll make a good movie swords collectible at an affordable price. Features: High Quality stainless steel blade Mirror polish finish Wire wrapped handle Macleod engravings on the guard Leather sheath