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Thunder Cat Sword

Total length: 46???
Blade length: 34.25???
Handle: 11.75???
Weight: 5KG
FREE Leather Sheath!

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This is the cool sword of thundercats that features an elegant metal construction. The lion-o sword carries the details from the real thing. Its metal pommel and guard are copied exactly from the real thundercats sword. The sword gives the user unbelievable powers. The blade carries a dull finish and a pointed tip. For making it an authentic reproduction, we added the thundercats icon on the structure. The lion???o sword is really an ornamental item worth buying. Get it exclusively from Cheap Replica Blades and enjoy huge discounts on mix and match shopping. Features: Dull finish stainless steel blade Thundercats icon below guard Metal pommel and guard with two curved prongs Leather wrapped hilt with small rivets Leather sheath

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