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Thundercats Lion-O Sword Of Omens Replica

Total length: 47.5???
Blade: 35???
Handle: 12.5???
Weight: 5KG
FREE Leather Sheath!

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Taste the incredible thundercat sword that belongs to lion???o (the young king of thundercats). This cartoon sword carries the exact details as seen on the actual one. The sword of lion???o holds flawless powers inside it. That???s the reason why villains don???t stand a chance against the young King. The thundercat sword includes durable metal construction with a thundercat insignia mounted in the middle of its blade collar. If you???re looking for a detailed and durable cartoon sword replica, then this is the right thing for your taste. Feel free to give reviews about it. Features: Top quality Stainless steel construction Satin finish blade Thundercats insignia mounted on the sword Heavy metal guard and hilt leather sheath

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