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Zorro Sword

Overall length with Scabbard: 39"
Total Length: 37"
Blade Length: 30
Handle Length: 7"
Blade Thickness:1/5"
Free Wooden Scabbard
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Handle Material Zinc metal guard and ABS handle.
Weight: 1.67Kg

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This is the exact replicated zorro sword from the series. The movie sword features an elegant silver finish and sleek design that can be used for ornamental purpose. The guard has a complex structure and prongs just like the real rapier swords. The stainless steel pommel and guard have a charming silver finish. The long stainless steel blade has a fuller running through its half-length. The blade of this zorro sword replica is not sharp, so there???s no need to worry. Plus, we are offering a stainless steel scabbard that fits this movie sword perfectly. Features: Sleek silver finish design Stainless steel pommel and guard with prongs Dual-tone Stainless steel scabbard